4WD Bush trip 13-22 July 18

 The Bush trip is over!  below is a report and some photos of what happened.

Last Sunday I set off for Innamincka where I was to meet up with other members of the dive club. Our plan was to conduct a tour of Outback Historic Hotels.
Along the way I came across Eagles feeding on road kill and stopped for pictures of the birds.

I drove up the Strzelkecki Track to Montecollina Bore where I stopped and enjoyed the warm waters and a good rest before continuing the journey. Later that day I arrived at Innamincka and was surprised to see so many people there with a long line of campers waiting to fuel.

That night I joined up with the club members and we all went to the pub for a meal.
The hotel was a busy as any you would find in the city and the food was excellent. We then headed back to the campsite for a few beers and to sit around the camp fire.

Next day our journey took us into Queensland travelling along the Adventure Highway and a slight detour into Nuccaleena to see the hotel and to have lunch at the nearby billabong.
We set up camp outside Thargomindah. Next day we drove to Bourke however Queensland has built a fence between itself and New South Wales and we had to open the gate between the two states and clear Queensland customs.

When we arrived in Bourke Rudy made contact with a local land owner and was told of an excellent place to camp along the Darling River. Again there was the traditional camp fire and beers.

My final day with the group was travelling to Wilcannia where we camped in a local caravan park. About midnight the wind picked up to gale force ripped through the camp causing us to quickly put out the camp fire as it was starting to blow cinders towards the bush. While putting out the fire I saw my tent flying across the camp site closely followed by Rudy’s. Fortunately I was able to catch it and recover my sleeping bag and other belongings.

Friday due to family commitments I had to leave the group and drove home via Broken Hill.

All in all an excellent adventure.







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