Argadalls April 22

A group of Seawolves spent the weekend at the Argadalls, a working sheep station located north of Quorn.
The Argadalls allows guest to bush camp, hike and four wheel drive their tracks.
Most of the tracks had some challenging sections but the views and the wild life that you saw was spectacular.
A must see point was Mount Arden and Saturday was a clear day and we could see Pt Augusta and the surrounds.
Around every bend in the track there was something new either in the way wild life like narrowly missing a kangaroo jumping in front of the car or an amazing rock formation.
Night time was a cook up and then a few beers or wines around a rather large camp fire and recalling the adventures of the day. Fortunately this time there was very little damage to the vehicles and no real Dobb ins. although Wolf still does his ghost act and disappears early in the evening.
Below are some photos of the trip. As most of the time I was driving I did not have time to take many photos. 
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