Australia Day Long Weekend Dive

 A group of divers from the Sea wolves Went diving at Rapid Bay on Monday of the Australia Day Weekend. Meeting at 8am in the car park we all quickly geared up for the first dive. Conditions were not that promising as we could see the water ripping through the jetty leaving a trail at the pylons. Once in the water we were swept up with the current and once at the old jetty it was a continual battle to make headway without being swept away from the jetty. However despite the conditions there was an incredible amount of fish life all along the jetty. Trying to take photos was not easy and it was dig in and hold on whilst taking the shots but it was worth it as the fish life all along the jetty was amazing.


                                             Below are some photos taken from under the Jetty

04c           07c


08c        10c


 14c     13c

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