Club Members dives last week

Over the past week there have been several dives. Firstly Whiskey, Thong, Alan and Grant went to the Dump and then the Sea Wolf / Lumb to dive. Conditions were excellent there was plenty of fish life at all sites with water temp around 220 and visibility out to 10 meters plus. Whiskey recovered two anchors from the dump and Thong got his knuckles smacked when he tried to get between Whiskey and his newly acquired anchor.  The Lumb is showing signs of age with the passageway almost completely collapsed but still providing shelter to local fish population.
 Whiskey Alan and Grant ventured to Aldinga Reef for a dive on the Drop Off. Along the way a pod of dolphins playing close to the surface were seen and a slight detour was made. The diving at the Drop Off was good with plenty of interesting swim throughs, holes and crevasses prior to arriving at the Drop Off. Once on the sandy area it was very easy to cause the silt to rise by fin kicks and the slight current was also stirring up the silt. Despite the poor visibility there was plenty of interesting fish and small critters to see. On the return to O’Sullivan Beach Grant was lost overboard when the duck was hit side on by a somewhat larger than normal wave. Eventually Grant was recovered and we all made it back to Whiskey’s house for a beer.
 Donghyun, Ash and family went for a dive at Port Noarlunga they made it out to marker 7. Along the way they saw crabs and plenty of fish in quiet clear water. However it was hot work getting to the water.
 Congratulations to Pat and Helen who have now completed their Cave Diving course. Their last dive was in Kilsby Sink Hole with crystal clear waters that are somewhat cooler than the ocean at the moment.
 Peter had a couple of dives while on holiday in Bali. He spent more time in travel than diving and had to change sites due to weather conditions. However the dives were good with warm water and good visibility.


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