Cuttlefish dive Whyalla 2016

Whyalla – Diving with the Cuttlefish 2016 

Good thing about the Sea Wolves is that someone will always be able to fix it!

This weekend was no exception…..from lending forgotten items of kit…to starting cars with no jump leads…to driving the drunken lot back to barracks

We drove down Cuttlefish Drive expecting to see Fisheries checking Wolf and Ruddy’s catch bags. But no, they had dived, survived and ready to shoot off home. We did a quick pass the baton (and pinched half-used cylinders and weight belts) and kitted up.

This really is an easy access dive. Flat rocks and rope to hold as you enter the water. We were very lucky with the weather, blue sky and flat calm sea. “Liquid Mirror Bill!”

Me, Al and Alex dived first. The saying goes 3’s a crowd…well within seconds Alex had disappeared. Starburst diving! We weren’t concerned, the viz was great and he was diving with a twin set!

The cuttlefish were hanging around at 4m quite close to shore. We were maybe a little late in the season as some had already mated and were floating upside down. There were still plenty to look at so me and Al busied ourselves with our cameras. 20 minutes was my limit. It was darn cold at 15 degrees.

Pat took in a new BSAC diver, Ashley, on his first ever open water dive. Wow what a way to start a dive career. Pat then showed off his mechanical skills by starting Ashley’s flat battery with 2 pieces of wire. Everyone stood well back and Alex’s face was a picture when Pat asked to hold one of the wires. Some people have no faith.

Gra-ham and co. turned up but he was only able to coerce 2 of his snorkelers into the water.

Big shout out to Alison who grabbed a wet Wetsuit, yanked it on and jumped in to snorkel. She now has the bug and will pursuing a diving course at some point (maybe).

Thank you to Gra-ham for organising dinner at the Sundowner. Would definitely recommend this place. They has the politest waitress service I have ever encountered. Even when she asked us to leave – at 9pm??? – she did it with a smile.

A few secrets were shared before bed. Sorry I cannot divulge…What’s shared in Whyalla, stays in Whyalla. Unless of course you forget your kit

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