Dive in the Gulf 28 April 2018

Exploration dives

We are looking for objects in the Gulf that are giving professional fishermen grief by snagging and destroying their nets.


Fingers has had a meeting with a representative of the Prawn Fisherman Association.

The association has passed on 10 different co-ordinates of various spots in the Gulf with an unknown obstruction.

Most are in the centre of the Gulf and North of Outer Harbour.

BJ has been out to the first co-ordinate to confirm the actual position.

The first object we are planning on diving is about 30kms from North Haven and may be a sunken vessel. The depth is about 26 meters and there was plenty of fish live around the area.

The association has asked us to tell them what is down there and take photos of the objects.

The first of the exploration dives has been set for the Saturday 28 April ’18. We will be launching from North Haven.

Details of the times at the next meeting.

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