Ex HMAS Hobart

First dive on the Ex HMAS Hobart for quiet some time. The first few photos were taken inside a machinery space using my torch which seems to be quiet good as a video light. Blue Devils have moved in to many of the spaces and can be found throughout the ship. The upper deck and superstructure have become a fantastic reef system as some of the photos will show. Thanks to Thong dong and Vicky for making this a very enjoyable dive. This was an awesome dive on the HMAS Hobart today with Alan, Thong, Vicky, Dong, Pat, Alex, Gareth, and Angela. For this dive we had boat covers. SURPRISE ? Big thanks to Whiskey for lending us his boat.




                                   Inside a machinery space



                               Another shot of a machinery space



A view along the main deck. The deck is covered in soft coral.




                There was a school of Snook livin on the vessel


                                      Keeping a sharp lookout

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