Jetty Diving Yorke Penninsular 22 -23 Dec 18

Over the weekend 22-23 Dec a group of eight divers from the Sea Wolves drove across to Edithburgh to dive several jetties along the coast of York Peninsular.
First dive was on Edithburgh Jetty this was a relaxing afternoon dive and although there was quite a strong wind blowing the conditions under water was excellent. There were sightings of seahorses and lots of other small interesting critters.
The next dive Saturday was at Wool Bay. Here several Leafy Sea Dragons were seen.
After a good meal at the Coobowie Hotel it was once again off to Edithburgh Jetty for a night dive. Again there was a cold southerly wind blowing however once in the water it soon warmed up as the water temp was 21C.
Sunday we drove up to Port Hughes where a great dive was had by all. There was plenty to see from Fiddler Rays, Port Jackson Sharks, crabs and nudiebranchs of various shapes and sizes.
At the end of Port Hughes Jetty there was a large school of yellow tail whiting or whatever they are.
The final dive for the weekend was at Wallaroo Jetty this was where Pat and Helen got their Christmas presents sorted with Helen finding a new pair of sunglasses and Pat bringing back a new fishing rod. A large Eagle Ray was also seen in the vicinity of the jetty.


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