The Dump 22 Oct 21

Great day diving at the Stanvac Dump With Whiskey,Alan, and Dong. Visibility was excellent. The water temperature was still a bit on the cool side at 16c. The sea was calm although there was a slight tidal current. Below the water there were plenty of sea life around starting with some playful Dolphins which we saw on the way to the dive site. At the Dump there were the Old Wives, Snapper, Silver Drummond and many more.
Ketut Un's and Tracey Gwatking


Stanvac Jetty 12 Oct 2021

Another dive at the Stanvac Jetty. Conditions were not the best as it was a bit windy which chopped up the water. Visibility on the site was down to about 6 meters and the water temp was now 15c.
As I descended i was welcomed by a school of whiting after that there was very little in the way of fish, however there was plenty of nudibranchs.

Stanvac Jetty 7 Sept 21

It has been a long time between dives. Todays dive with Whiskey was at The Stanvac Jetty. The dive was good despite there being a lot of residual silt from the rain we had last week. At the end of the anchor line we were greeted with a school of Whiting. A short swim I was finding Nudibranch and other small critters. There were plenty of Old wives, Magpie Perch and Leather Jackets. As we started our accent a large school of Whiting started to circle us. Vis was cloudy but still about 10 meters and temp was about 14c

Stanvac Jetty 17 Aug 21

Finally able to get back into the water and had a good if not a cool dive with Dong and Thong. We dived at the Stanvac Jetty. Water temp was about 13c and there was a strong serge so trying to keep still whist photographing was a bit of a challenge. However vis was good and I did manage a few good macro shot.


205                  218  



206            214  



Port Hughes

A great day diving at Port Hughes with Whiskey. The conditions were excellent. There was plenty of crabs and Nudibranchs. There is a mobility scooter at the end of the jetty for divers that do not have the energy to swim back. Whiskey did not go back empty handed , no anchors this time but he did collect several crab nets and plenty of sinkers and squid jags. there was also some awesome sunsets

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