Port Hughes

A great day diving at Port Hughes with Whiskey. The conditions were excellent. There was plenty of crabs and Nudibranchs. There is a mobility scooter at the end of the jetty for divers that do not have the energy to swim back. Whiskey did not go back empty handed , no anchors this time but he did collect several crab nets and plenty of sinkers and squid jags. there was also some awesome sunsets

Stanvac Jetty

Dong, Thong, Vicky and Alan went for a dive at Stanvac Jetty. Went out onto sand at the northern end and found a sunken pontoon and some structures. Plenty of fish including snapper and a rather large cuttlefish.


110  113


114      115

The Pines

Two Boats went to the Pines just out from Brighton Beach. Conditions were excellent with great vis and the sea was loke a lake.

There was very little tidal movement and there was a lot of marine life including a school of whiting and several good size snapper were seen. There were a large number of Blue Crabs. Also a lot of interesting smaller critters. 

A good day on the water was had by all.

Below are several photos of the more interesting critters.

26   27

29  30




Seawolf and Stanvac Jetty

Great day diving the Seawolf and Stanvac Jetty with Dong, Whiskey, Hogg, Thong and Alan. Really good conditions plenty of life at both sites including nudibranchs, blue devil and Bore fish and the occasional Snapper.
Hogg had to retrieve Whiskeys anchor as some how it became fouled.
Finally come across the end of the pipe that runs from the single point mooring to the jetty.
101    102  103
104  105 108

The Dump 30 Jan 21

Today I had a great dive with Dong and Vicki. The forecast was for less than ideal conditions with a large tide which means there would be a strong current and also for winds around 18kts. We left O’Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp about 11am and soon after arrived at the Dump. The wind had started to pick up and the odd white cap started to appear.

We had timed our dive to be at the dive site at the bottom of the tide to avoid the current. Once in the water there was very little water movement and as we descended the Vis was very good just a small amount of residual sediment from the tide.

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