Seawolf dive 22 Feb 23


A good dive at the Seawolf. With Pete whiskey and Dong. Sea was calm vis was out to ten meters to start with then reduced on the change of tide water temp was 22c. We were able to get measurements of the shaft for Gra-ham so that they can build a coupling to fix a new propeller to the wreck. We also recoveredwith some difficulty a good-sized anchor.

Below are some photos from around the wreck

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08  14

Rapid Bay 21 Aug 22

Seven members of the Seawolves Dive Club headed to Rapid Bay for a Sunday morning dive. Getting to Rapid Bay was a bit of an adventure as there was low cloud for most of the journey and then on the road down to the jetty there was a cow standing in the middle blocking the entire road.
Conditions at the jetty was not the best the wind was increasing as we were kitting up. The conditions in the water were not great. There was a reasonable surge along with tidal movement we were pushed around and with vis at 2-3 meters staying in contact with your buddy was a challenge. However, it was worth it as there were Leafie's to be seen and a rather large nudibranch. Although trying to photograph the Leafie was a challenge as i would be thrown one-way and the Leafie would be thrown in the opposite direction with the surge. All up the dive was enjoyable.
30            31
                              Nudiebranch Charging                                                                                                             Nudiebranch on the prowl                                                  

33         34

                             Broken Shell with something growing out of it                                                                    Leafie Seadragon


35        36

                                                Leafie trying to get away                                                                                                                                               Got the photo

Rapid Bay 7 Aug 22

Despite others reneging on a dive Thong and I enjoyed Perfect weather conditions, sunny skies calm seas and very little tidal movement during our dive at Rapid Bay. The one thing missing was the vis. that was down to a few meters.
Swimming along the jetty there is a lot of new pylons and Debrie on the sea floor in the area that was damage a few months ago.
Although it was hard to find there was plenty of life along the jetty, we did not see any Leafy's But lots of the local fish and two oversize nudibranchs. Due to the reduced visibility, it was difficult to take photos.


A Perfect day for a dive at Rapid Bay


Just Lazing around




Nudibranch Charging


Interesting piece of Debrie

Stanvac Jetty

Dong, Thong, Vicky and Alan went for a dive at Stanvac Jetty. Went out onto sand at the northern end and found a sunken pontoon and some structures. Plenty of fish including snapper and a rather large cuttlefish.


110  113


114      115

Ex HMAS Hobart

First dive on the Ex HMAS Hobart for quiet some time. The first few photos were taken inside a machinery space using my torch which seems to be quiet good as a video light. Blue Devils have moved in to many of the spaces and can be found throughout the ship. The upper deck and superstructure have become a fantastic reef system as some of the photos will show. Thanks to Thong dong and Vicky for making this a very enjoyable dive. This was an awesome dive on the HMAS Hobart today with Alan, Thong, Vicky, Dong, Pat, Alex, Gareth, and Angela. For this dive we had boat covers. SURPRISE 😜 Big thanks to Whiskey for lending us his boat.

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