The Bluff at Victor Harbour

Today I went for a dive at The Bluff, Victor Harbour with Thong, Dong, and Vicki. We arrived early to avoid the crowds which as it turned out was a good idea as the Flinders Uni Dive Club were starting their dive as we finished ours.

The ladder at the jetty is a bit of a challenge but once in the water the swimming was easy although you could feel the effects of the surg along the rock face. Water temp was 20c and vis was at least 10 meters.

Initially I was a bit disappointed with the amount of fish life around especially when you consider how rich and plentiful the plant growth was.

Just before the point of turnaround we came across Leafy Sea Dragons and spent considerable time taking photos.

The Sea Dragon are amazing looking creatures.

On the return leg we came across an Octopus that took a liking to Thongs arm. Many photos later and over an hour in the water we returned to the jetty and the somewhat challenging climb out of the water.


Sunday 29 Dec 19

Sunday Four members from the Sea Wolves planned to do a double dive.

Expecting a large volume of traffic at the boat ramp Andrew launched his boat early and was going to meet on the pontoon at nine o’clock.

Nine o’clock passed with no Thong the fourth diver. So after a brief telephone call it was decided that Thong would join us for the second dive. So Dong, Vicky and Alan set out for the Stanvac Block.

Descending through the water column there was a strong current but the water was a deep blue, vis was at least 10 meters and the water was 21c. At the anchor we started the search for the Block. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful and by the time we were entering into deco we had only found one of the chains that are spread out over a large distance and attached o the Block.

So it was back to the boat and onto the boat ramp to pick up Thong.

With a quick change of tanks and Thong onboard we set out for the Lumb and Seawolf, two wrecks off Port Noarlunga.

Conditions at this dive site were just about perfect with very little current and excellent vis and this time we found the dive site with no problems as the anchor was over the wreck of the Seawolf.

Both wrecks were alive with various fish from Bulls eyes, Boar Fish, Leather Jacket and a school of Mackerel. Vis was out to 15 meters and the current that was present at the previous site had now dropped out.

After several circuits of the Sea Wolf and Lumb it was time to return to the surface after at least one excellent dive.


Edithburgh Weekend

Thong and five other members of the Sea Wolves Dive club spent the weekend diving jetties on York Peninsular. Two night dives on Edithburgh Jetty and a excellent dive during the day on Saturday. Port Giles was also going to be dived but a ship had just left and Alan was first in and called the dive as he could not see the pylons from a meter away. After a lunch break we drove across to Point Turton. This was a short shallow dive but there was a lot of interesting critters to be seen. Saturday night was another night dive at Edithburgh jetty. Again there was plenty of fish life.
Sunday was a drive to Port Hughes jetty. A great dive with a large range of fish life including a large ray and lots of nudibranchs . At the end of the jetty was a mobility scooter that somebody has misplaced.
A great weekend was had by all.

Whiskey's Friday Morning Local Dive

Friday morning Whiskey, Thong and Donghyun went out to a local dive site below are a few of the great photos taken by Donghyun. 

Stanvac Jetty 10 Dec 19

A great dive with Whiskey and Thong at the now demolished Stanvac Jetty with
From the surface you cannot see any of the structure that has been left behind after the demolition however not far below there is still a substantial amounts of the jetty remaining and it has become a thriving artificial reef supporting a diverse range of local marine life.
As we started the dive we were greeted by a school of salmon trout rising from the depths and then circling us as we descended. There was so many that visibility was greatly reduced. and it has become a thriving artificial reef supporting a diverse range of local marine life.
At one point I came across a crab being eaten by a starfish. Also found a big bluey hiding under a shelf. There are plenty of local reef fish including Bore Fish, Silver Drummond and Leather Jackets that kept attacking thinking you were the next of local marine life.

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