Ex HMAS Hobart

First dive on the Ex HMAS Hobart for quiet some time. The first few photos were taken inside a machinery space using my torch which seems to be quiet good as a video light. Blue Devils have moved in to many of the spaces and can be found throughout the ship. The upper deck and superstructure have become a fantastic reef system as some of the photos will show. Thanks to Thong dong and Vicky for making this a very enjoyable dive. This was an awesome dive on the HMAS Hobart today with Alan, Thong, Vicky, Dong, Pat, Alex, Gareth, and Angela. For this dive we had boat covers. SURPRISE 😜 Big thanks to Whiskey for lending us his boat.

Hallett Cove

Christmas eve dive at the North end of Hallett Cove. The reef system is part of Seacliff Reef with a ledge running parallel to the shoreline.
Whiskey and Dong were looking for crabs but there was not very many to be found. I managed several photos of a Blue Devil otherwise there was only the local Bulls Eyes and a number of Leather Jackets.
Whiskey did miss an anchor so it remains on the bottom for another day
Water temp was 20c and vis was excellent and out to 10 meters.

Stanvac Jetty 4 Aug 20

A great day conditions were good except somewhat cold with the water temp only 13c and air temp not much different. The fish life is a bit sparse with only the local's reef fish hanging around. Of interest the cuttle fish that has been seen on several dives is still there. Visibility was good due to the lack of rain we have had in the past few weeks.
There was a slight current that picked up pushing us towards the anchore so the return journey was relaxing despite the cold.
A pie and a few beers at Whiskey's place rounded the day off nicely.

Various Dives During Lockdown

  • The annual on the Seawolf  was the last sanctioned dive and social since last meeting and lockdown. The club placed extra star droppers between the Seawolf and Lumb. The name on the Seawolf was also cleaned. Members of the club have been active in the water with Rod securing largest cray for the season. Apparently it was walking over sand saw Rod and gave up. It weighed in at 5.1KGs. Other divers have been active with local dives at The Dump, Stanvac Block and Jetty, Rapid Bay and Second valley and many more. Cleve mentioned that he had dived Port Noarlunga using a scooter and was able to get around both reefs on a single tank of air. Below are a few photos from members dives. 

Christmas Diving By Sea Wolves

Since the last meeting the club has been very active. Just before Christmas several members set out for Edithburgh for jetty diving. After dodging bush fires and electrical and dust storms the party made it to Edithburgh and conducted an inspiring night dive but the next morning conditions were not so good on the surface but still excellent in the water around Edithburgh with a great many photos taken. Next was Port Giles. When Alan jumped in off the jetty and turned toward the Jetty he could not see it, Vis was down to inches if that so that dive was called off. There was another night dive at Edithburgh and dives at Point Turton and a memorable dive at Port Hughes where a mobility scooter was found at the end of the jetty.

Cape Jaffa and the Cray Bash was extremely popular. One or two divers even had time during the hunt to look around and see creatures other than crays. Johnno mentioned that he saw an Eagle ray with a wing span of over two metres.

Wolf took Jugs under his wing and found him a small cray to catch this took Jugs most of the dive; meanwhile Wolf lands a giant of a cray. However next time out, Jugs is off catching his own reasonable size crays. New Years Eve saw Johnno and Mustard both bring in a 4.4 Kilo cray each only to be out done by Rod who landed a 4.85 kilo monster.

There was also a lot of local diving at the Dump, Lumb and Seawolf, Seacliff Reef and Victor Harbour with ideal diving conditions warm water and good vis. All the sites had an abundance of fish life and several Leafy Sea Dragons had been seen at The Bluff Victor Harbour.

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