Port Noarlunga 25/02/20

On Tuesday members of the club dived the north reef of Port Noarlunga. This is a shallow site with a max depth of 8 meters. In this area the reef drops below the water level so you are able to easily swim across  to the outside. I find this area far more interesting than diving from the jetty as there are swim throughs, ridges and small drop offs to explore. Today we saw a large school of Silver Drummond and two dolphins were seen following the Silver Drummond.
Conditions were good for diving with little or no current and water temp was at 22c. Visibility was reduced slightly due to fine particles in the water.
No dive is complete without a anchor recovery and this was no exception with two anchors recovered from the reef one taking a lot of work to free it


                                              Anchor recovery


                                               A school of small fish


                                               Silver Drummond


A diver watching the Silver Drummond disappear


                                     Relaxing in the Kelp


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