Port Noarlunga Tire Reef 29 Nov 2018

This morning, two boats from the Seawolf Dive Club set out from O’Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp to dive the Port Noarlunga Tire Reef.
The intrepid divers were Whiskey, Fingers, Dong, Ash and Alan. (The A Team)
The journey out was a little bit bumpy as there was a wind chop coming from the south west. This also made kitting up a bit of a challenge.
Once in the water it quickly became obvious that the conditions were not the best. Visibility was down to a few meters as there was still a lot of silt in the water; the silt is a result of the storm which hit last week.
As the first couple of photos show conditions were not the best with and at a few meters you could just make out your dive buddy.
Despite the not so good conditions there was plenty of fish and lots of interesting flora to be seen.
As always no dive with Whiskey would be complete without recovering an anchor and this dive was no exception

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The above photo shows what conditions were like              The next three photos I got in close and colour enhanced them 

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