Prawn 6 26 Aug 2018

Sunday morning BJ, Wolf and I all members of the Sea Wolfs Dive Club headed out from West Beach for a dive to a Mark that we call Prawn 6.
Our intention was to dive this GPS mark that had been given to us by a professional prawn fisherman.

This position is an area where professional fishermen have had there nets snagged in the past.

Our aim for the dive was to see what was causing the nets to be snagged.

The conditions for diving Sunday were excellent with seas flat calm and no wind and for the most part sunny conditions.
However as we approached the dive site we encountered a fog bank which closed visibility on the surface to about 100 meters.

By the time we were ready to dive the sun was breaking through which made for a perfect start to the dive..
Wolf and I descended down the anchor rope and immediately saw a wreck about 5 meters from where the anchor lay.
Swimming across and inspecting the wreck we discovered that It was a small tinny with packing crates attached to it.

These crates had been attached and held in position with tie downs.
I had taken my camera with me and although the visibility was remarkably good for the 30 meter depth,

I was only using available light and the resulting photos were not the best colour wise.

The wreck was about 6-8 meters long and with the crates about 1.5 meters high. There was a lot of growth on the sides so it had been in the water for several years.

Wolf and I spent about 20 minutes exploring around the site and then made our way back to the surface.

After briefing BJ who had stayed on the boat as boat cover we headed back to West Beach.

Written by Alan
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