Rapid Bay 21 Jan 2029

Tuesday several members of the Sea Wolves dive club went for a week day dive at Rapid Bay

The water conditions were the best I have seen for as long as I can remember. Visibility out by the Tee was at least 20 meters. There was very little current throughout the dive.

Each time you dive Rapid Bay you see something different today there was two Blue Devils sighted, these fish are common in areas around SA but not regularly seen at Rapid Bay before.

Nudibranchs were seen scattered along the jetty however we did not see any Leafy Sea Dragons. There was plenty of life at the Tee with schools of various fish and a lot of juvenile Leather Jackets. There was a ray hiding under some of the wreckage of the old jetty. 

It was a relaxing dive with all of us spending 90+ minutes in the 21c water.


1b  2b  

                       Locals just laying around                                                                                                   Blue Devil

3b  4b  

                                Nudibranchs                                                                                              A Sea Wolve Diver


5b  6b  

Morre divers from the clu


                                                              A passing Squid

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