Seawolf and Dump

Thursday saw a group from the club out for a dive Dong, Thong, Vicki and Alaln. The journey out to the Seawolf was a bit lumpy and there were one or two swells well over a meter. We were a kilometer away from the dive site when Dong was so excited about the upcomming dive that he threw himself into the dive early and without his dive gear. Dong was brought back onboard unhurt and we continued to the dive site

Once in the water the conditions were magic the sea was tropical blue and vis was out to way past 10 meters.
There was plenty of fish life active around the wreck and the nearby tyre reef was full of life.
The swim through of the Seawolf was crowed with fish life that made it slow going. The dive was well worth the bouncing around on the journey out. By the end of the dive conditions had calmed down and it was a pleasent trip back to OSB to change over tanks for the second dive at the Dump.

An excellent second dive the conditions were as good as at the Seawolf and the sea had dropped out from the morning except for a slight swell. There was an amazing amount of fish including a Wobbygong, plenty of Snapper. with Bore fish,Blue Devils and a school of whiting around the two pontoons that we dived on.


23          20

                                 Nudibranch                                                                                                           Diving on a pontoon at the Dump


19       15

                              School of Whiting                                                                                                                Newly hatched fish

10     08

                                     Inside the Seawolf                                                                                                                                                               Blue Devil


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