Up and comming dives

Up & Coming Dives
• Summer / autumn / winter  Exploration dives (dates yet to be decided) looking for objects in the Gulf. Fingers has a meeting organised with a local pawn trawler skipper. He is going to give us waypoints of obstructions that catch and damage commercial fishing gear. Our club intends to dive some of these locations and find out what the obstructions are. A program of local diving will now be put together. Some of the marks.
• 16 Feb ‘18 Challenge dive in the vicinity of Port Germein Jetty. The plan is to camp at Pt Germein camping grounds. We will have to launch the boats from Solomon Town Boat Ramp which is located in Port Pirie. Distance to the jetty is approximately 15Kms from the boat ramp.
Wolf is unable to travel up Friday so we are looking for a volunteer to take the club tent up Friday
Place your names on list at this week’s meeting if interested so Wolf can make a booking.
• Dive for Cancer 25 Feb ‘18. Port Noarlunga tickets required for after dive lunch and presentations.
• BJ – 18 March ’18 departing from North Haven for a crab hunt. Returning to BJ’s house at the mariner to cook up and have a social afternoon.
• 25 March ‘18 Anniversary dive on the Seawolf. Details closer to the event.
• Cray Bash at Cape Jaffa for the Easter weekend. Starting 30 March ’18. Names to Wolf as soon as possible if you intend going.
• Wolf – Bali. Departing 14 June ‘18 and returning 25 June ‘18. Staying at the Bali Gardens Hotel. A program of diving, quad bike riding and other activities are planned. For more details contact Wolf.
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