16 Nov 18 Lumb and Seawolve

On Friday members of the Seawolf dive club Whiskey, Alan, Dong and his friend Ash meet up to go for a dive on the Lumb and Seawolf.
Departing O’Sullivan Beach Boat Ramp the wind had just started to pick up causing a few white caps.
Once on site we quickly kitted up and started the dive. Alan and Ash where fist down and headed off to the Lumb as it was only a few meters away from the anchor. After a circuit of the Lumb they were joined by Whiskey and Dong and as a group headed over to the Seawolf.
Most of the dive was spent on and around the Seawolf entering the compartment and swimming through the ship whilst exploring the nooks and crannies inside the vessel. Upon entry we were greeted by a school of bulls’ eyes although there wasn’t much other fish life inside the vessel at that time.
There was not a large number of fish in the area either just the few locals like the magpie perches, puffer fish and strongies and some other small critters.
Visibility was good and the sea has warmed to 18c.
Returning to the surface the wind had picked up so the journey in was quiet wet. A passing dolphin swam by and said hello on the way back to the boat ramp.


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Sat 10 Nov 18 The Dump

Saturday morning went for a dive at the dump. Only recovered one anchor.
All the land marks have gone so had a rough idea as to where to anchor but not which way to swim as we did not see any rises on the echo sounder.
If we had set of in the right direction we would have found the Dump almost immediately however swam away from the area at first.
However spent about thirty minutes on the pontoons all up a very relaxing and enjoyable dive.
First  shots is of the recoved anchor and the rest on one of the pontoons.

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Annual Cray Bash

The annual Cray Bash is on again at Cape Jaffa.

From 26 Dec 18 to 31 Dec 18.

If interested you will need to make arrangements for your accommodation as places are filling fast.

Contact Rod or Mustard to reserve your place..

18 Nov 2018 Ulonga

Contact Pat if interested in diving the Ulonga.

 The Ulonga is an Iron vessel, of 119 tons. Built at Moana in New South Wales. Ulonga was brought into service in 1910 as a Murray River paddle steamer.

Later she was converted to an auxiliary ketch in 1949 and worked the KI trade. Ulonga had been modified and had just one mast and a raised wheeelhous aft at the time of her sinking on 6

July 1976 whilst on route from Ki to Port Adelaide carrying a load of gypsum.

The crew of five survived and was rescued by the ketch SS Star Lily.

Ulonga is now a historic shipwreck.

Single Point Mooring 5 Oct 2018

Work was cancelled the weather was good time for a dive.
Leaving the boat ramp the sea was flat calm with not a breath of wind. The tide was near a dodge so very little movement.
We planned to dive the Single Point Mooring which is about 4Kms out from O’Sullivan Beach.
The dive was in about 24 meters of water and on the bottom the vis. was excellent over 10 meters.
On the mooring there was plenty of life and schools of Whiting there was also an eel hiding in one of the open pipes on the mooring.
My dive buddy Whiskey found a near new plough anchor which we recovered.

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Membership can be renewed by direct debit to the following account. Please ensure you print out your transfer receipt and bring to the next meeting.
Name: Sea Wolves Dive Club      BSB: 015208      Acc: 417913534

We meet every Tuesday evening, doors open from 7:30pm, meeting starts 8:30pm, 10 Bayford Rise, Morphett Vale, New Members Welcome!