Various Dives During Lockdown

  • The annual on the Seawolf  was the last sanctioned dive and social since last meeting and lockdown. The club placed extra star droppers between the Seawolf and Lumb. The name on the Seawolf was also cleaned. Members of the club have been active in the water with Rod securing largest cray for the season. Apparently it was walking over sand saw Rod and gave up. It weighed in at 5.1KGs. Other divers have been active with local dives at The Dump, Stanvac Block and Jetty, Rapid Bay and Second valley and many more. Cleve mentioned that he had dived Port Noarlunga using a scooter and was able to get around both reefs on a single tank of air. Below are a few photos from members dives. 


3   09  09

                                     Mud crabs at Second Valley                               Diving at the Single Point Mooring                                   Leafy at Rapid Bay


14  17  28

           Diving at Stanvac Jetty                                                             Old Maid at the Dump                               Undewater recovery









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