Carpenter Rocks

A great short break driving through Canunda National Park with the Sea wolves

After spending the night at Carpenter Rocks we headed onto the tracks of the park. Wolf was leading and giving a commentary of what there was to be seen along the way. Firstly there was a wreck of a yacht washed up on the beach then on to Lake Bonny and the first of many Sand Dunes.

Thong was the first casualty with smoke coming of a tyre that was disintegrating. Johnno was the first to get stuck and had to be dug out. Later Johnno using two snatch straps pulled me out of the entrance to one of the beaches he then became stuck and had to be snatched out also.

Late in the afternoon we came across an impressive sand hill that nobody was able to reach the top except Johnno with a mighty burst of acceleration launched his car three meters into the air and then flew fourteen meters down the opposite side before touching down. Fortunately there were only minor injuries to the occupants but the car was a lot worse for wear but still quite drivable.

Saturday night we stayed at Southend Sands Caravan Park that had dormitory style accommodation which was basic but comfortable.

Sunday we set off on the second leg which was from Beachport to Nora Creina. The drive was a little less dramatic than the day before however Johnno decide he would go down the face of a sand dune that we had all parked along the ridge of. As he set off the car became stuck on the ridge and had to be winched off. On the second attempt Johnno made it over and safely made his way down the face and then drove out.

I got stuck on a climb again however after on the third attempt and using the appropriate gear range I made it over. After this there was a run along the beach and into Nora Creina where we pumped up the tyres and headed off to Mustards place at Cape Jaffa for an overnight stay.

A good weekend was had by all. 

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