Diving the Ex HMAS Hobart

A great weekend diving on the Hobart with the Seawolf Dive Club. There were four boats out at the site each day, all had a good dives with Wolf having clocked up 15 minutes of deco on his second Dive. Weather conditions were just about perfect there was no wind so the sea was like glass and there was no any current on the second dive where as on the first dive Saturday the was a slight current as the tide was still going out..
Members explored the whole ship inside and out. First dive we went around the bow and second dive around the stern as well as many of the internal compartments of the ship.
Cruising back from the rudder I came across a nudibranch there were lots of Whiting ,Snook and plenty of young Snapper with one really large Snapper being seen on the first dive. There were also some more exotic fish such as the Blue devil and Bore Fish.
Saturday night Rudy and several helpers prepared a feast with a pig on the spit and several other roast meats were available also. Then there was the serious business of the wine tasting. Wolf’s entry won convincingly.
After the dive on Sunday several members headed home while those that were lucky enough to have the time remained until Monday.
Warrina Cove Caravan Park was full I had not seen so many campers there before and the Seawolve’s added to the numbers with fifty members and guests staying at the campsite.
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