Christmas Diving By Sea Wolves

Since the last meeting the club has been very active. Just before Christmas several members set out for Edithburgh for jetty diving. After dodging bush fires and electrical and dust storms the party made it to Edithburgh and conducted an inspiring night dive but the next morning conditions were not so good on the surface but still excellent in the water around Edithburgh with a great many photos taken. Next was Port Giles. When Alan jumped in off the jetty and turned toward the Jetty he could not see it, Vis was down to inches if that so that dive was called off. There was another night dive at Edithburgh and dives at Point Turton and a memorable dive at Port Hughes where a mobility scooter was found at the end of the jetty.

Cape Jaffa and the Cray Bash was extremely popular. One or two divers even had time during the hunt to look around and see creatures other than crays. Johnno mentioned that he saw an Eagle ray with a wing span of over two metres.

Wolf took Jugs under his wing and found him a small cray to catch this took Jugs most of the dive; meanwhile Wolf lands a giant of a cray. However next time out, Jugs is off catching his own reasonable size crays. New Years Eve saw Johnno and Mustard both bring in a 4.4 Kilo cray each only to be out done by Rod who landed a 4.85 kilo monster.

There was also a lot of local diving at the Dump, Lumb and Seawolf, Seacliff Reef and Victor Harbour with ideal diving conditions warm water and good vis. All the sites had an abundance of fish life and several Leafy Sea Dragons had been seen at The Bluff Victor Harbour.

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Calm Waters Off Cape Jaffa                                                           Life under the Jetties





Rods Giant Cray

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