Rapid Bay 9 Jan 20

Thursday several members of the Sea Wolves Alan, Thong, Dong and Vicki went to Rapid Bay to dive the old jetty. It was an exceptionally hot day and I was happy that we were able to park close to the jetty. The walk to the entry point was uncomfortable to say the least and it was a great relief that I hit the water only to find that my recently serviced Air Two was leaking a considerable amount of air through the mouth piece. After descending and setting my buoyancy I disconnected the system and continued the dive.

Travelling north along the jetty we encountered various species of fish and crab which Included Leather Jackets, Morwongs, Magpie Perch, Old Wives and several Nudibranchs.

The water was quiet warm around 21C and really good vis. which was out to 10 meters and at the start of the dive there was very little current.

We slowly made our way through the jetty to the Tee where we were greeted by a school of Silver Drummer. As we started to make our way back towards the shore I came across a baby Sea Dragon it was only a few inches long so we spent some time trying to get the perfect picture.

On the return we swam through a school of Mackerel. It was with reluctance that we made our way to the exit after 90 minutes of diving and started the long hot walk back to the car where fortunately there was a cold beer waiting.

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