Stanvac Jetty 4 Aug 20

A great day conditions were good except somewhat cold with the water temp only 13c and air temp not much different. The fish life is a bit sparse with only the local’s reef fish hanging around. Of interest the cuttle fish that has been seen on several dives is still there. Visibility was good due to the lack of rain we have had in the past few weeks.
There was a slight current that picked up pushing us towards the anchore so the return journey was relaxing despite the cold.
A pie and a few beers at Whiskey’s place rounded the day off nicely.

 25                                           26


              Local Resident                                                                                            A Seawolf diver swimming through the remains of the jetty


27                                          30


                 A left over chair from an office party                                                                                    View of the cut off pylons




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