4WD Drive Club News

  • There have been several trips by club members with the easing of restrictions. Firstly just before resrictions were imposed there was a trip to Marion Bay which turned out to be on the weekend before the lockdown. These members were just about blown away due to the near gale force winds over the weekend but some off road driving was managed.
  • Another group went to Worlds End 18 KM SE of Burra. They were able to drive some good  tracks of the area and had a few dob ins about partying, falling over and a dog.
  • Another group spent the weekend at Normanville and found some interesting tracks between Normanville and Deep Creek Conservation Park a great weekend was had.

 Ingalla falls 

Ingalla Falls


Normanville 2  

One of the tracks at Normanville



Norman ville 1  


A busy road at Normanville


Normanville 3


Sunset at Normanville Beach

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